Wednesday, September 8, 2010

The reality of motherhood

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I remember back in high school, college and my early twenties caring so much about every single last aspect of my apperance. I would sit infront of the mirror spending an hour on trying different hairstyles and as soon as my paycheck came in i'd be at the mall eager to spend all that money on the newest designs. Then something happened that turned that side of me upside down..... Motherhood.
Once I held that sweet little girl in my arms and two years later a precious little boy I changed. I however didn't see the change, sure that trendy purse was now replaced with a winnie the pooh diaper bag and those clothes I just couldn't wait to buy were now labelled "Carters" or "Oshkosh" but I was still the same old me. About a year after I had my daughter I was out to dinner with a good friend and she said you've changed so much, you used to be so put together and in love with your purses and cell phone. And at that point I figured it out , I had changed and I now have the answers to why.
Why is my hair no longer perfect but thrown up in a messy ponytail? Because i'm a mom, a mom who gets puked on, hair pulled and even sometimes peed on daily. My pjama pants are my best friend, my getting ready routine has now became a marathon and at the end of the day i'm okay with that, because I also get smiles, hugs, kisses and love from those two little ones every single day.
So my question today is , how has motherhood changed you?


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